At Nikita Papers, preservation of the environment has been of the utmost importance. Addressing to the critical social, environmental and economic needs of the society never takes a back seat. We instil undying efforts to integrate solutions that benefit the communities as well as the environment.

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Sustainable Manufacturing Unit

Best day to start doing something good is today, and standing by this, we accept the waste paper to process it and create the superior quality kraft paper. Moreover, our process of manufacturing kraft paper does not pollute the environment with heavy waste discharge.

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We take the ownership of educating the underprivileged children by providing them free education, financial support and hygienic food, clothes, etc. Nikita Papers hold themselves credible for adopting the under-facilitated schools nearby and equip them with the basic necessities.

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Skill Sharing

Nikita Papers empowers the aspirational girls (more than 18 years of age) by facilitating annual vocational training for them, to help them become financially independent.