Infrastructure lays the foundation of the ultimate growth. This thought keeps us reminded of our responsibility towards maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure for a sustainable future.  

  • Water Treatment plant:

Nikita Papers is a 100% zero water discharge manufacturing unit since the last 5 years. We have employed aerobic and anaerobic water treatment technologies that ensure the reuse and utilization of the waste water back in the manufacturing plant. 

The waste water so generated is treated and brought to use in the production process of kraft paper. The innovation has indeed helped us reduce our fresh water consumption from 10 m cube per ton to 1 m cube per ton. 

  • Paper Making Machines:


We have a paper making machine PM1 with an annual capacity of up to 55,000 TPA. Set up back in 1992, this was our first machine having the production capacity of 20 ton per day. In these years, the production capacity has grown to 150 ton per day by employing latest technologies and dedicated workforce.


Commissioned in 2021, our 3D designed manufacturing plant is one of its kind. Owing to its higher speed production of the lighter GSM paper, our PM2 employs state of the art production, facilitating an annual production capacity of up to 125,000 TPA. 

This advancement in the machinery, aids us to deliver across the nation, and worldwide alike. We are equipped to export 50% of the total annual production to Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries such as China, Egypt and Iran. 

  • Power Generating Turbine:

We own two fledged power generation plants of 2.5 MW and 1.5 MW respectively, that are captive power plants. This ensures a constant power transmission, thereby supporting the effective production.